Elba Alicia Pagan

Elba Alicia Pagan shares her gifts as an educator with her storytelling and rich singing that complements the beauty of her native Spanish language, Pagan originally from Puerto Rico, celebrates her Taino, African and Latino heritage. Her tales and songs of Latin American traditions are powerful elements in this duet's repertoire.

Raymond Two Crows Wallen

Raymond Two Crows Wallen's ancestors include the Eastern 1 tse.gif2 wo.gif3 gi (Tsalagi) Cherokee People as well as Scotch - Irish Appalachian. He tells stories passed from generations. His music is derived from his own diverse history as well as his families traditions -- Blues, Folk and Native American.

The art of Ga-Li is the duet's ability to reach to their ancestors for stories and songs and bring them forward making them relevant for our modern multicultural communities. People of every age can share the joy of these special performances.

The characters, , from the Cherokee syllabary, represents the word pronounced "ga-lee." Ga-Li is a Cherokee word — a being verb— that suggests, I am, you are, we are doing," or more recently to mean hallelujah!"

with voices often unheard, of our ability to make positive change through understanding, personal creativity and sharing. From the wisdom of ancestors we are reminded of our responsibility to self and the earth, to honor and respect our mother and all our relatives.

contemporary and traditional storytefling~ poetry, wisdom, and music from Latino, Native American, Folk, Blues, rural and urban traditions with flute, drums, and voices. By incorporating a variety of props and an eclectic array of instruments their art comes alive.

along cultural paths throughout the Midwest, stopping to share stories and songs at universities, coffeehouses, high schools and elementaries, cultural and community events, POW wows and churches — anywhere people gather to celebrate.

all the ancestors and those yet to be. Canciones of the Mexican Revolution, Blues and ballads from the stumps and hollows -- stories, songs and poetry from city streets, Appalachian hillsides, Caribbean beaches and Cherokee campfires, in a multilingual and multi—perspective presentation that excites and inspires.