Dayton International Festival Inc.-(DIFI) and Exchange Club Partner:

"The World Through the Eyes of a Child -The Culture of My Community"

A Collaborative Community Arts Project

Who- The Partnership…

DIFI is proud to partner with the Exchange Club of Dayton, University of Dayton, LULAC and many local community organizations to support the Healing Fields through our intergenerational project. Designed, to capture the visions or "Dreams" of our Youth for a Community that fosters a culture of non-violence, values diversity and engages civic leadership –from Youth to Elders. We believe sharing our stories and our visions help to break the cycle of Child Abuse and other forms of violence and brings "Hope" for Healing and Community Building.

Why the Arts…

Many communities face the challenges of changing demographic and social realities. Often these changes seem to tear at the fabric of what makes our communities strong, such as a sense of identity, shared values and the ability to pass cultural values and traditions to the next generation. The arts are effective means to creatively promote acceptance and understanding across cultural and generational divides. The arts integrate what we learn with the how and why we learn. The arts engage the heart and the mind through multi sensory experiences that enrich learning across the curriculum.

What and How…

"The World Through the Eyes of a Child - The Culture of My Community", Our collaborative project will provide a process for our young people and adults to share the values and visions of the diverse cultures of the Miami Valley through the collective story and murals of each cultural organization of the "DIFI" Dayton International Festival Inc., as well as participating local non-profit organizations who support youth. This will be accomplished through a multi-phase community arts project. The project will capture the unique qualities and values of the participating groups. The ways in which those values are passed from generation to generation and how those values are reflected in the Miami Valley. Phases 1-3 will bring participants (adults and youth) together in collaborative sessions to gather stories and paint murals. In Phase 4, each group will meet with local artists and art students to create giant puppets for the grand entry for the festival as outlined below. Youth participants will also meet with city leaders to share their experience with the project and their visions of a caring, inclusive and diverse community. The collection of 15 –12’X18’ murals will be featured at community events and exhibited during Dayton International Festival’s "World A’Fair".

Process: Story Circles begin January 21 with the Chinese Community

Phase I Story Circle mtgs.

Adults and youth will meet to share stories about their culture.

Thematic Questions:

What is "Culture" and what makes my culture unique?

How do we pass our cultural values on to the next generation?

How has the culture adapted to being in the U.S. or the Miami Valley?

What brought me/my family to the Miami Valley?

How is my Culture reflected in the Miami Valley?

How can I make a difference in the Culture of my Community?

Phase II Selecting the Themes

Group selects key themes from the stories to be incorporated into the murals.

Phase III Painting Murals

Participants will be paired with local artists and art students. The adults and

community partners will serve as technical support for the youth artists.

Phase IV Large Puppets

Participants will meet to create Large Puppets Sun Moon and Star masks

and other themes defined by the youth for DIFI’S World A’Fair Grand Parade.

Murals will be featured at the "The Child Abuse Prevention Healing Field" April 1-3 and exhibited

during Dayton International Festival held at the Convention Ctr. May 13th -15th, 2005

Tax deductible donations can be sent to Dayton International Festival Inc. Note DIFI-SMP.
1329 Suite3 Stanley Ave.
Dayton,OH 45404
or contact Alicia Pagan or call 276-4007

The Exchange Club of Dayton and its Community Partners will host the Child Abuse Prevention Healing Field Event, April 1-3, 2005.

OUR MISSION: Through the display of American flags the Healing Field seeks to create awareness of the impact and tragic consequences of child abuse and neglect; to provide critical resources, to celebrate children through artistic expression, and to spiritually nurture our community.

Children are the only future the Human Race has. Treat them well.

Visit us at:

Three Days of Free Activities!

For the Community -All ages Welcome!

Sitting atop a hill, overlooking the Great Miami River and downtown Dayton stands the magnificent Dayton Masonic Center. On Friday, April 1, our public servants and volunteers will transform the Center property into a healing field of 1400 flags. These 8’ American flags, paying tribute to the children who have lost their lives as a result of maltreatment across the U.S., will stand tall as a symbol of the enormity of child abuse and neglect.

In an effort to counter this tragic loss, please join us on Saturday, April 2, as we celebrate our most precious resource—our children. The Cultural Arts Community will be on hand to engage children in participating art programs as well as provide performance entertainment for everyone to enjoy! Additionally, 28 of Dayton’s outstanding children and family welfare organizations will be available--providing critical resource information to visitors.

Sunday, April 3, brings another opportunity for all to participate as we close our event with an interfaith service, which will be held in the Masonic’s beautiful auditorium. We invite you to join us at 1:30 PM as Rev. Rod Kennedy and other community leaders spiritually address the issue of child abuse and neglect.

To create this field requires the pre-sale of 1400 flags and/or contributions from sponsors like you. For sponsorship information, please call Treva @ 937-609-8422.

DIFI-Collaborative Story/Mural Project will be featured at these upcoming community events.

Save the Dates…

Feb. 25th REACH-Across Dayton

Mar. 17-25 UD Student Spring Break Service Project

UD will present the Story Circle/Mural Project (SMP) to the Standing Rock

Community. Ga-Li with the help of UD students and Miami Valley community

members will facilitate a youth and adults story circle. The group will paint a mural

which will be showcased with the collection during the World A'Fair. The event is

sponsored by UD’s Circle Of Light program.


April 1-3 Child Abuse Prevention – Healing Field 

The Exchange Club of Dayton has partnered with the SMP. They will help fund raise

for the cost of the Murals.

They have offered to display murals in the Masonic Temple during the Apr.1-3 event.

The Event’s goal is to raise awareness of the enormous impact of Child Abuse in the

our own Community and the Nation by displaying 1400 full size American flags on

the lawn of the Masonic Temple.



Opening Ceremony at Noon

A call for Volunteers- Needed- 1400 community volunteers to help place the flags

during the memorial ceremony.

Welcome and Proclamation by City of Dayton, Mayor McClin. The names of

the 1400 children who lost their lives to child abuse in 2003 will be read by

community leaders as the flags are placed in the ground.


Celebration of the Spirit of Community- a day to recognize the 1st responders

to Child Abuse and celebration of the arts in healing and learning. Local

organizations who work on behalf of Child Abuse Prevention will be on hand to

answer questions and share information on the essential services they bring to the Community. Artist and educator Bing Davis will lead a Found Art activity. The Peace Museum, Ga-Li and several other presenters will provide hands on activities and performances throughout the day for families.

Apr. 3rd

A Celebration of the Spirit of Healing

Closing Ceremony "Rev. Rod Kennedy, Ga-Li, performers and community leaders gather for a "Community Concert" to nurture the Spirit of Healing, in the Masonic Temple’s beautiful 1600 seat auditorium.


Please contact Alicia Pagan for more information at 276-4007 or