We are very proud to have been nominated for a NAMA Award 2004 in the "Best Folk/Country Recording" category for our CD "From the Outside Indian".

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Abuelos Song
Business Is Business
From the Outside Indian
Swan Medicine
EL Sol Que Tu Eres
Dos Arbolitos

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From The Outside Indian (54:01)

1. Abuelos Song (4:31) (Grandfathers/Grandparents Song)
Written by Alicia Pagán and Raymond Two Crows Wallen.
Arranged by Raymond Two Crows Wallen and Alicia Pagán
An honoring song to All Our Ancestors. Abuelos Song came to us at the Yellow Spring.” (Near Yellow Springs. Ohio), while honoring the passing of Alicia’s Abuelo, Don Eusebio Lopez.
* The great Shawnee leader Tecumseh was born very near here and is said to have often prayed at this place.

2. All is One Is All (5:50)
From the Great Mystery we come, and to it we shall return This song talks about wars still being waged against Indigenous Peoples (and all things feminine) and about learning the hard way “we’re all related”, [We did, we did know that all along.]

3. El Sol Que Tu Eres (3:39) (Sun that you are)
Traditional (Public Domain)
Grandmother Sun shines evenly on everyone, showing Human Beings a Beauty Path Way. A poignant example of Indios-Hispanic cultural blending, this old corrido* is said to have sprung from the Mexican Revolution during which eight million Human Beings lost their lives. We offer it as A tribute to United Farm Workers organizer Cesar Chavez, who was known to sing this corrido on the picket lines.
* A romantic guitar ballad (or unpaid rents, go figure!)

4. Business Is Business (4:16)
The Good Hunter feeds those who need it first. Do we need any more proof that greed leads to suffering?
Don’t Teach it! Don’t Preach it! Don’t Unleash it l

5. LoveWaiks (2:51)
Time passes like sun sparkling through a Dewdrop.
Don’t hesitate to love!

5. Dos Arbolitos (2:33) (Two Little Trees)
Written by Chucho Martinez Gil (Public Domain)
This old ranchera was Alicia’s grandfather’s favorite, It reminded him of the two beautiful Flamboyan trees he planted as a young man. These trees have weathered many storms and, to this day, stand as supports to each other,

7. Three Soft Touches (6:04)
Written by Jimmy David Post, (Used with permission)
Jim Post is an amazing singer-songwriter who crafted this beautiful, true song about the day his grandfather “took the walk”. It reminds us of the remarkable depth of Human Love. Thanks Jim.

8. Swan Medicine (11:23)
Story Written by Raymond Two Crows Wallen
Vocals: Alicia Pagán & Raymond Two Crows Wallen Flute, Drum, Rattles and sound effects: Raymond Two Crows Wallen, Produced by Raymond Two Crows Wallen, John Stiner and Alicia Pagán This story came in dreams, visions and memories of my own Nana,* Mattie Dehillé, who sang the sun up in the sky, danced the full moon, showed me places where Little People live, gave me my name, taught me how to plant and grow Selu the Cherokee way and told me amazing stories that kept me alive in this world.
*Nana; Cherokee for Swan, but often used lovingly for “Grandmother”
*Selu. Corn, also the name of First Woman! Corn Spirit Grandmother

9. From The Outside Indian (4:34)
Six-string guitar: Dan Landis
When I would come home from school beaten and demoralized from run-ins” with the .~wasi!~* kids Granny would tell me “Honey, sometimes you’ve got to keep your love wrapped up safe inside, like Something Very Special so it will be there when the time is right.” The time is nowl
* Wasi; Wasichu, A Lakota term meaning roughly, ‘Takes All The Fat” and is applied to devotees of greed based cultures. It does not describe color or ‘race” but behaviors.

10. Flute of My Warrior Spirit (8:18)
Poem written by: Raymond Two Crows Wallen
Be Quiet, Listen! All your relatives are speaking to you.

All songs written and arranged by Raymond Two Crows Wallen except where noted. Vocals, tenor guitar, harmonica: Raymond Two Crows Wallen. Drum, vocals and vocal harmonies Alicia Pagán. © 2002 Raymond Two Crows Wallen, Two Crows Lodge Publishing All Rights Reserved. No portion may be reproduced by any means, mechanical or otherwise without the express written consent of the publisher and author except “Dos Arbolitos, Chucho Martinez Gil: (public domain) “El Sol Que Tu Eres: Traditional, (public domain) “Three Soft Touches: Jim Post, Mountain Railroad Records (used with permission) *Abuelos Song: Alicia Pagán, Raymond Two Crows Wallen, TCL Pub.

Produced by Raymond Two Crows Wallen/Digitally Recorded Mixed and Mastered at: Earrational Studios, Troy. Ohio, Winter, 2001/2002
Recording/Mixdown Engineers: Dane Billig and Russell Landwehr
Mastering: Dane Bullig
Design, Photos: Ten Schoch



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